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1. Introduction

The Math Ebook Viewer is a reading application that incorporates MathJax for mathematical expressions. It works with a wide range of modern browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Viewer supports three different mathematical codes (MathML, LaTeX, and AsciiMath) as demonstrated in the next three chapters. If you are using a mouse, the codes may be displayed by right-click at the math formula and selection of "Show Math As" in the pop-up menu.

Not only can the Viewer display high-quality mathematical expressions in a book, it also lets you write mathematical notes. You may use either LaTeX or AsciiMath codes. The AsciiMath is easier unless you are already familiar with LaTeX. To indicate whether the typed characters represent LaTeX, AsciiMath or regular text, your code should begin and end with some delimiters, which are explained in Chapter 5.